Ambient Places

As somebody who works from home I find that I really enjoy the stimulation of getting out and working from various places within the community.  Often these places are coffee shops – such as Starbucks – but they are regularly other ‘places’ such as restaurants, foyers in modern buildings and others.  I call these places ‘ambient places’ to emphasize the fact that they are much more than coffee shops.  Things that I look for in an ambient place include:

  • Coffee – good coffee with optional flavorings!
  • Power – essential for those all day coding sessions.
  • Food – either in-house or nearby
  • Music, comfy chairs, interesting decor, nice views, etc – stimulation is essential

Recently I purchased the domain name and started building a Virtual Earth based web application that I intend to host there so that I can store information about my favorite ambient places and so that others can add theirs too.  A typical scenario might be that I’m going to work in Sydney for a week and I need somewhere to work from, in this case I can either:

  1. Go directly to the Ambient Places website and do a location search for all places in the Sydney area, or
  2. Ping one of my trusted IM contacts and ask them to send me a link to their favorite Ambient Places (the ones that they’ve added to the site) and browse through theirs

An ambient place in the application will include things like it’s:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Description
  • User-submitted comments
  • Uploaded images
  • Attributes – HasPower, HasCoffee, HasFood, etc

Work on the site is progressing slowly – but I’ve just upgraded to the new version 6 of the Virtual Earth map and I’m hoping to be in a position to put something on the web soon.  Here’s a really quick and ugly look at where Ambient Places had recently progressed to:

In the meantime, here’s a link to some pictures of where I’m working today:

Ambient Places on my Live Space

Starbucks Glenelg 002


~ by D on October 23, 2007.

2 Responses to “Ambient Places”

  1. Hello Again!Any chance of a preview for the web you are building?Cheers!indy

  2. Hi Indy, thanks for asking.  I\’m trying to get enough functionality completed to get an early beta up and running.  I\’m not going to put a date on it but keep an eye out on my blog and I\’ll keep you informed as to the progress.  In the initial stages I\’ll open the beta up to a limited number of people and then expand it via an "invites" style system.

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