Visual Studio 2008 – Conversions and multi-targeting

Last night I took some time to read about and play with Multi-targeting and also Conversions in VS2008.  The good news is that, from my limited practical experience with them they both seem pretty straightforward.  The only real difference between conversions as I understand it is how standard VS Projects are converted using a different process to the process that is used for ASP.NET Folder-based Website applications.  And although I haven’t tried many conversion scenarios against projects that are actually under source control, I wouldn’t expect that it is a huge issue because of the limited nature of the changes that are actually made during the process.

Fellow Readifiarian Paul Glavich has also recently remarked on some good "conversion" experiences that he’s had on mildly large VS.NET solutions – which is good news.

Understanding multi-targeting is mildly more complex than conversions but this article does a great job of explaining all about it:


~ by D on October 25, 2007.

2 Responses to “Visual Studio 2008 – Conversions and multi-targeting”

  1. Hi Darren,
    I tried upgrading a large VS2005 solution stored in TFS2005 source control. It\’s a solution with class libaries, test projects, DBPro projects, and web projects. It was pretty smooth except for one problem: Even with auto-checkout or ask-to-checkout settings the upgrade would fail unless I manually checked out all the solution and project files before attempting the upgrade. This might just be a VS2008 Beta 2 bug though. Also, the DBPro Test project references were not switched from the v8.0 dlls to the v9.0 equivalent. Minor detail.


  2. Thanks Jason, for sharing your experiences.  I\’ve forwarded it along. 

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