Sorting your Live Messenger contacts list

Recently I’ve blogged a bit about how I’m getting more immersed in the Live world.  This means using products like Spaces, Alerts, SkyDrive, Messenger, Photo Gallery Beta and all of the other Live branded applications to manage your output and to enhance your interactions with your social network.

Now that I’ve shifted more of an emphasis to my Live social network I’ve also changed the way that my contacts are sorted in Live Messenger.  You can change the sorting by clicking on the sort button at the top of the window:


I’ve changed the sorting order so that, instead of seeing my contacts sorted by the name of the group that I have them assigned to, I now see them sorted based on how recently they have updated information in their Spaces – ie: added a blog entry, uploaded a photo, or made changes to their personal information.

So, if you are a part of my social network, and you are connected to me via Messenger, keep your Space updated so that you appear closer to the top of my social network ‘radar’ 🙂



~ by D on October 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “Sorting your Live Messenger contacts list”

  1. How are you "getting more immersed" in skydrive given that it is not available in Australia? I was going to change the location of my windows live account but couldn\’t be bothered in the end. I figured they would just block me by IP address anyway.

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