Professional Development: Better learning outcomes from real world experiences

I was just reading this article here from the Google team:

Official Google Reader Blog: Attack of the 20%’ers

You see quite a bit of this stuff produced by individuals from within companies such as Microsoft and Google.  I can point to things such as Google Reader and BLINQ as prime examples of this.   These people not only improve their profile but the learning that you get through implementing real things runs much deeper than what you get from simply sitting in a beanbag and reading blog articles.

Inside of Readify we have a program which grants our staff time to undertake professional development (PD) to improve their skills and knowledge of the technologies that we sell to our customers.  On a number of occasions I’ve seen similar outcomes, where our guys have used their PD time in a productive manner to actually produce things.

It’s in this spirit that I think all professional development activities should be undertaken to provide better outcomes for everyone.  Well done to the Google Reader contributors, top job!


~ by D on November 7, 2007.

4 Responses to “Professional Development: Better learning outcomes from real world experiences”

  1. Its a good idea. Got any jobs going? 🙂 You guys need a bigger Brisbane presence. I\’m a bit disappointed about BLINQ… Paulita doesn\’t seem to have touched it since May 2006 CTP. Final LINQ release with .Net3.5 in a matter of days, but I doubt we\’ll see much more of BLINQ. I think it had potential, but possibly the new Entity Framework made her drop the project? Your guess is as goog as mine.

  2. Steven, we have some big plans for our Brisbane presence… call me 🙂

  3. I emailed instead of calling. 🙂

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