Live Spaces – the good, the bad, and the ugly. My thoughts after a month of use.

Here are some random thoughts about my experiences after changing over to Live Spaces after about a month of constant use:


The Ugly

Managing Blog Comments:

  • I haven’t worked out how to delete comments from my blog yet – surely you must be able to do this somehow. 
  • It would be nice to have a bulk view of comments somewhere – even better if I could subscribe to it in a feed somehow.
  • Comments seem to be listed in the wrong order under blog posts – the standard that I’ve seen around the place is to list the earliest comments first.


The Bad


  • This could be my fault but I either haven’t worked out how they work or they just don’t.  I’ve had people from other platforms like WordPress link to me – and even other Spaces bloggers too… but I’ve never encountered a trackback!


  • This is nice, but could be so much nicer if it had things such as:
    • A summary view
    • Major keywords used to find my Space
    • Major referrers
    • Other spaces that have referred to by Space


The Good

Social Appeal:

  • I’ve already made some good friendships and IM contacts because of the enhanced avatars that are included when people visit or leave comments on my site. 

Software Integration:

  • This is the killer – I love it.  I use Live Writer to write drafts and post entries and I use Live Photo Gallery to update photos.  These things make it easier for me to manage my social presence.



  • Why am I limited to a single category for blog posts
  • It’s great that the Live glyphs are displayed whenever somebody in my social network updates their information but I dislike that I have to click on it wherever it appears.  For example, if someone in my network publishes a blog entry then the glyph appears next to their name in my IM client – great.  So I click on it to read the blog article and it disappears – but then when I visit my Live Space the glyph appears there too.  Can we call this ‘glyph spam’? 🙂
  • Also on glyphs… some of my friends don’t use Spaces as their blogging platform.  It would be nice if they could feed their own blog into Spaces somehow and have that affect their glyph updates too.
  • Friendly blog URL’s.  I know that the Live REST-based services all have nice url’s (duh), but why are the Spaces url’s the way they are?
  • It would be nice to have a way of tracking which conversations I’m involved in.  For example, if I leave a comment on a friend’s blog within their Space, how do I know when they reply to it?

~ by D on November 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “Live Spaces – the good, the bad, and the ugly. My thoughts after a month of use.”

  1. Windows Live Writer is also able to blog on a WordPress. You can get free webspace with php/mysql (or very cheap webspace) and host your own WordPress installation.
    I use Windows Live Writer and WordPress since march on – it works perfect. You can drag`n`drop photos/screenshots in your WordPress Post and WordPress copy it to your upload folder.
    You have much more themes/plugins and can change everthing if you want it.
    I don`t like live spaces very much – its not as comfortable as wordpress and i don`t like the ad (ebay…) on the top of the site.

  2. The reason I moved away from Live Spaces (and was therefore inspired to add Live Space support to BlogML) was because I didn\’t have enough of a view into my statistics – where are people linking from, what keywords are they searching for, etc. I also found that many people I know hated signing in with their Live Passport just to leave a comment.
    Now I\’m using Das Blog I get the same easy of publishing (especially considering Live Writer supports it) but I\’ve lost some of the cool integration.


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