Part 2 of my ASP.NET Ajax talk at ADNUG

I’m scheduled to give the second part of my talk on building client centric applications on the 12th December as announced on the ADNUG site today.

This talk extends on the base of knowledge that we covered in first talk by drilling into the component model to learn how client components are handled at runtime.  Here’s the blurb:

Darren Neimke — Developing client-centric web applications with ASP.NET Ajax and VS2008 – Part 2

In the first talk we saw how Visual Studio 2008 includes tools and features which make it easier to create differentiated web experiences.  These include things such as a new CSS designer, new server controls, and baked-in support for ASP.NET Ajax. During the talk we got a deep understanding of the ASP.NET Ajax client libraries and saw how to use them to create client-centric web applications.

In part 2 we will learn about the component model for client side components. We’ll then see how to create server script controls that make it easier to package client side components and therefore makes them easier to reuse.

Update: this talk will probably not happen until the new year now.


~ by D on December 3, 2007.

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