Google, Microsoft, the blogsphere and openness

The Internet Explorer team must be a resilient lot.  For the past 2 years I’ve watched as each blog entry that they post seems to get shouted down by the script kiddies that love angle brackets and masturbate at the thought of CSS.  Their latest entry about IE8 has attracted 400-odd comments as I type this.  I especially love this one:

MS Can’t possibly be listening to our feedback about IE, because there is no avenue for us to SEND FEEDBACK, thus no way for you to RECEIVE FEEDBACK.

Umm… dude, they *do* have a way to leave feedback… that’s why you were able to pollute our ecosystem with your thoughts!

So contrast your typical IE blog entry to that of the Google bloggers:

Official Google Blog: Google Toolbar: Take your tools with you

Now that’ what I call a closed shop!


~ by D on December 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “Google, Microsoft, the blogsphere and openness”

  1. Hopefully IE8 goes into a public beta soon and gets a gig on microsoft connect to shut the script kiddies up.

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