The ‘Remote Worker’ (aka Virtual Worker) market is bigger than you think!

Here’s a great quote in a 1997 interview with the co-authors of VIRTUAL TEAMS – Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps:

Book Cover

Virtual teams are the peopleware for the 21st century. And here’s the mainstream reality: Most people work with others who are more than 50 feet away from them. MIT’s Tom Allen has been doing research on this for more than 20 years. Data indicate that when people are more than 50 feet apart, their likelihood of collaborating more than once a week is less than 10%. So, as people work in teams, crossing space, time, and organizational boundaries, they must master the principles of virtual work.

It serves to highlight that many of the systems and processes that we develop for teams that we think of as ‘virtual’, are equally as relevant for cubicled workers too. 


~ by D on January 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “The ‘Remote Worker’ (aka Virtual Worker) market is bigger than you think!”

  1. Thanks so much for pulling the quote, Darren. Can you recall where you saw the interview? And thanks for featuring the book. Now I\’m going to ask for one more think. Would you consider participating in the blogger survey I\’m running? I\’m teaching an elective on blogging for an MFA (master of fine arts in creative writing) program next week. Have had a lot of great responses and would love to include yours. Thanks so. And here are the questions if anyone else wants to reply:1. Has blogging improved your writing?2. How long, on average, does a good post take?3. One unusual thing that\’s come from your blogging4. Your advice to new bloggers

    All responses attributed to authors unless otherwise requested.

  2. Wait – that was me! I have no idea why my name didn\’t show – Jessica Lipnack

  3. Hi Jessica, I\’ve replied to the blogger questionnaire.  I saw the interview at the following link:

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