My Zune has arrived

Today I received my new Zune:

I’ve got a 4 Gig Green one which can hold nearly 1,000 songs on it.  Back in November, Mitch blogged quite a bit about his experiences with his new Zune, so I thought that I’d share some of mine as well… unfortunately, the first experiences were not great.  Well that’s not strictly true, it did arrive only 3 days after I placed the order which is a stellar effort by the distribution channel.  Anyways, onto the other first impressions.

Let’s see, when I took the Zune out of its box there was a little pamphlet with 3 sentences under a title of "Setup", and the first step told me to visit the following URL:  On visiting that link, I worked out that I had to download the client software and did so. 

The software installed without error and so I connected my Zune device to my computer via the wired connected.  Next, I received a screen telling me that I needed to install a firmware update and that I should press ‘Continue’ to do so – I did.  After this, the fun started.  I received an error dialog with an error string of "C00D11CD".  The error dialog had a link to a Microsoft page which would hopefully tell me what the error meant… alas, no.  But it did have a link to the forums, oh well, that should give me an answer.  Off I trundled to the forums and dilligently entered my error string into the Search box, but, alas, no results for me:


However, searching manually found me a couple of results, so I guess that Search is just ‘boned’?  Not that it mattered much because, as an Australian Live ID holder, I cannot sign up as a member of the Zune community and therefore cannot post to that forum anyways… off to Google!

Plugging "C00D11CD, Zune" into Google returned quite a few results but, within about 10 minutes I was able to narrow it down to a couple of likely suspects.  The most obvious of which was that I run Vista in Standard User mode.  First I tried starting the Zune software in elevated mode and re-attempting the upgrade… still no luck.  Finally, I logged-in to my machine with an account which has Administrative privileges and re-attempted – BINGO!  The firmware upgrade ran and I was able to pair my Zune device with the software.

I’ll blog more about my experiences as an actual user of the device in the coming days.


~ by D on January 8, 2008.

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