The Google-Juice runs rapidly through Live Spaces?

Each day, I spend a little time scanning something that, as it stands today, is loosely referred to as the ‘statistics’ module on my Live Space to see which pages have been viewed, where the referring requests have come from, etc. 

A little while back, I posted this post about the Good, Bad, and Ugly of Live Spaces.  In it, I mentioned several things that I though could quickly and easily improve the product.  I’ve never managed to find any sort of Roadmap for Live Spaces, and neither have I seen anything in the blogsphere about the future of Live Spaces.  So, if you know of any such Roadmap or list of proposed future features, then please shoot me a line.

One thing that I’ve noticed a lot since moving my blog to Live Spaces is how quickly I seem to get Google search hits after I post.  Take yesterday for example, I posted an article about my experiences with my new Zune.  In that post, I blogged about a particular error that I was getting when I attempted to install the firmware update.  Sure, I made sure that I blogged the actual details of the error – such as the error number – but, within hours, I started noticing the first hits coming through from Google. 


I’ve never deliberately noticed results coming through that quickly from other blogs that I’ve maintained.  But I’ve noticed it regularly with my posts on this blog.  So I’m not sure whether:

  1. I’m paying more attention to it
  2. I’m getting better at ‘positioning’ my posts to be found (ie: good keywords, titles, etc)
  3. Or, whether Google pays ‘more attention’ to Spaces content than random other sites on the web

~ by D on January 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Google-Juice runs rapidly through Live Spaces?”

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