My RDN Talk – Managing the Development Process – 12th, 13th, and 14th Feb

Next month, I’ll be in Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne on the above dates delivering my RDN Talk titled "Managing the Development Process".  I’m not sure that "Managing the Development Process" does the talk justice and so I’ve been thinking about a couple of alternate titles, let me know what you think of these:

  • Survival Guide for developers who find themselves in the position of being responsible for managing the development process.


  • Why your boss is so weird – explained!

It’s a talk which is aimed at developers who find themselves entering more of a management phase and therefore start to get increased exposure to things which happen outside of the Development Team more (hopefully, if you’ve had a good boss in the past, you’ve been shielded from a lot of it 🙂


The talk itself discusses some of the organizational issues that you are likely to encounter in the wider organizational pool, but also focuses on how to get the most out of a development process – and so should provide a good discussion for people who operate solely within the development team.  Some of the topics that we’ll touch on are:

  • Building a fatter pipe – how to get the most out of managing people and processes
  • Managing change
  • How to choose the right projects
  • How to manage a Beta program – and why you might want to
  • Getting reuse from your methodology

So please register via the website and come along to join in the discussion – or just come for the free pizza and heckling opportunity! 🙂  See you there.

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~ by D on January 18, 2008.

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