Great job Coatsie

Yesterday, Coatsie blogged a good list of links to the blogs of DPE Team Members, you can see the list here:

Want to stay connected to the Aussie DPE Team?

And I’m glad that he did – until then, I hadn’t even realized that I was not subscribed to Roger’s blog.

Andrew mentions in his entry, that I had been grumbling about a loss of visibility into the happenings of the team – it’s more than that actually.  Before Frank hit the scene, most of my "local developer community" was based out of things like the ASP.NET forums and was therefore primarily US based.  I knew almost everything that was going on in certain US-based areas but had almost no visibility into the developer ecosystem in Oz. 

All of that changed back in late 2003 when Frank started putting out calls for Aussie bloggers to tell them about their blog.  From there, Frank started the compilation of the Aussie .NET Blogger list.  See here for Frank’s announcement about that:

Once that was put together it was like the forming of our community and after that, a whole bunch of things started opening up.


~ by D on January 23, 2008.

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