Getting help through networking and effective communication

Anybody that has worked in the Dev Centre at Readify will probably tell you that I tend to harp on about a few key things.  Things like:

  • Always send group communications
  • Work together whenever possible
  • Send emails that broadcast your upcoming goals

Some of this is because I want people to be effective at what they do, but some of it is because there are some particular skills that I want to foster because I think that they are important in one’s job and in life.  These skills pertain to building and maintaining effective networks – because I believe that we get more done through our networks than we do personally.

This was revealed to me again when I started university during the week.  After a week of reading theory and a couple of ‘intensive’ days at Uni, I was all feeling a little bit overwhelmed.  It was at that moment that I realised that I was now in the same position that people who come to work in the Dev Centre and that the same survival techniques probably apply.

The first thing that you need to do when thrown into a situation such as this is to start developing a network.  It’s your network that will:

  • Show you what you don’t know
  • Tell you where to find out how to do things
  • Introduce you to other people who can help you

So I need to go outside of my comfort zone to meet people and talk to them.  I need to follow up with the people that I meet and find ways to strengthen the relationship.  I need to have conversations with them about what I’m currently doing so that they will help me to identify how I can do things better. 

And of course, as with all networking, start with the people who know people!  To better understand the importance of "who" you network with, do some research on Paul Revere and William Dawes and learn about the key differences between how effective each of them was in getting the new out that the Revolutionary War had begun.  Here’s a link which explains:

How to Build Your Network

Update: John Lam has a blog entry on a similar theme which appears here: 


~ by D on February 3, 2008.

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