Move from hierarchical to process-based organisations

"The traditional model of a hierarchy is giving way to a process-based organisation made up of flatter, partnership-based, customer-focused, team- and project-oriented structures."

This quote is attributed to an article by Harrison, et al, written in 1998 and titled, ‘Move with the Goal Posts’.  I was unable to track down the original article, although I could find plenty of other articles which cited it!

The move to process-based organisations requires collaborative individuals who work effectively within their networks.  Team building skills will also be in high demand due to the goal focused nature of these structures.


~ by D on February 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “Move from hierarchical to process-based organisations”

  1. oH YES … HIERARCHICAL structures … such a old way to run an organisation – but like many old things they are dependabl and slow but easy to understand.  Smart organisations should have left these structures behind many years ago in favour of one that encourages connectedness thoughout the organisation and allows the organisation to adapt quickly to the market.  Even a company as big as IBM understands that.  

  2. Title:    Move with the goal posts.Authors:    Harrison, RoySource:    People Management; 01/22/98, Vol. 4 Issue 2, p33, 1p, 1cAbstract:    Focuses on the learning paradigm that can help trainers for coping with rapid organizational change, developed by David Guile and Nickie Fonda. Development of more innovative work practices to ensure that core business process add value; Replacement of managerial control by self-discipline; Role of manager or supervisor as a performance developer or learning consultant.ISSN:    1358-6297-dave

  3. Thanks for that Dave!

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