Blogging in schools

Blogging, as a topic, has come up on my radar a few times this week in a variety of contexts.  One of these has been the context of my son’s school.

We’ve been extremely fortunate this year because young Harry has a teacher who is putting time into creating a class blog.  For me as a parent this is terrific news.  As a remote worker I’m already in the fortunate position of being able to attend school quite regularly; this connects me with other parents, Harry’s teacher, the classroom environment, and all of the other customs and practices that go with daily school life.  Now with the blog, I’m able to be much more connected with what goes on during the day too.  Two demonstrably beneficial scenarios here are:

  1. While interstate for 4 days last week it was a delight to me that when I was flicking through my aggregator in the evening that, amongst the technical articles that it is usually filled with, there was an article from the class blog describing what the kids had been up to and showing a picture of something that my own son had made during the day.
  2. At dinner time I’m only too familiar with conversations with my son which typically go something like this:

         Parent:     "Johnny, what did you do at school today?"
         Johnny:     "Oh nothing much; played cricket at lunch with blah."

    At least now I’m in a position where I can say…

         "Oh yeah, what about those little doohickeys that you guys made today, tell me how that all came about"

And I haven’t even begun to think of the benefits that Harry is getting by being introduced into the cyber-world with the care and supervision of a trained adult.  Full marks!

Of course, there are bound to be parents who are anxious at these new steps and so it will be interesting to see what challenges arise during the year (these kids are only 7 and 8).  For many parents, the blog will represent change and some will see it as a threat.  As a parent I can have empathy for their situation because I know how much attention I put into keeping a layer of separation between myself and young Harry when it comes to things such as pictures.

I’m sure that there will be challenges, and in a way I hope that there will be something that I can do to help when there is.  It would be good to see the schools starting to pay attention in this area and to think about how to create good awareness and to create an open dialog with the parents to move forward at a pace that both parties feel comfortable with.


~ by D on February 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Blogging in schools”

  1. As a parent, I do like the idea in general. What\’s missing is the ability to somehow filter out the "predators" that could misuse this information to try and lure kids.Maybe HTML5 should have <showToNicePeople></ShowToNicePeople> tags :-)-dave

  2. LOL, maybe.  I don\’t think that they plan to implement that in V5.
    As for me… I\’m just gunna get better at managing at the edge of chaos 🙂

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