Should the ‘Gen Y’ label be applied more broadly?

It seems odd to me that we label such a small group of people as being Gen Y.  In my view, it should be the entire vertical slice that we are talking about when we refer to ‘The Millenials’.  Not just the number of people who each have birthdays within 6 years of one another. 

People are quick to make the point that Gen Y grew up with technology, but then they use ‘by association’ logic to infer all of this other stuff about them.  I’d argue that ‘The Millenials’ is actually the whole vertical slice of us.  Sure, the 26 year old guy that runs a division of a corporate somewhere in Sydney has achieved something that no 26 y.o. could have hoped for 30 years ago… but then again, the globetrotting 40 y.o. guy who uses collaborative technology to build and maintain his networks of trust is not exactly ‘your grandfathers manager’ either!


~ by D on February 21, 2008.

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