Another name for blanks

There are some teams within Microsoft that I just don’t get.  It’s like they exist in some completely different reality or something.  One is the IETeam – yep, I’ve finally given up on those guys.  I don’t actually think that they have a strategy.  I reckon that IE9 will be Outlook!

The team that gets me the worst is a team which should be called "Blanks".  They are in one of the most highly visible areas in the business, and yet they say nothing.  Well, that’s not strictly true, they say stuff, but what they say is totally inaudible.

Here’s my credentials for finding stuff out:

  • MVP
  • ASP Insider
  • Well connected to the ‘right people’ on several social network forums
  • Well connected to people who know the right people

And yet I feel as though my voice is not heard within the Blanks team and that there’s no way to have a dialog with them.  The only plans that I have presently for communicating with them are:

  • Join the W3C working group for implementing various protocols to do various things
  • Buy a 23% stake in Facebook
  • Join Google as the CIO and start my own blog over there

Unfortunately I’m only 1 little voice in the blogosphere and I want things done.  Who should I talk to?


~ by D on February 23, 2008.

One Response to “Another name for blanks”

  1. What team is this?

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