Great set of posts on how to get started with Notification Services

Fellow Readify guy, Steven Nagy has been kicking ass on some internal stuff that he’s been doing with Notification Services.  Best bit is that he’s also taken the time to share the knowledge.  Here’s the a link to the latest instalment:

Developmental: Notification Services – Part 4 – Managed API

As an aside, I seem to remember hearing something about NS being dropped from the SQL Product range, but I’m yet to hear anything about it’s replacement.  From the limited exposure that I’ve had so far to NS… I think that it would be a supreme shame if that were to be the case.


~ by D on February 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “Great set of posts on how to get started with Notification Services”

  1. Hi Darren,
    Notification Services has been removed from the next version of the product. It\’s not being deprecated. It\’s been completely removed. It should not be used for any new development work at all.

  2. Hi Greg, yep, as I mentioned in my post… that much we all know.  Can you tell me what they\’re replacing it with.  It is just plain dumb to tell people not to use something – especially something that is so good and works so well – and not to tell them what will take its place.

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