The Dolphin Fund Jar – Week 1

At home we have 2 young men (ages: 4 and 7).  For these guys, remembering to do stuff such as turning off fans and lights, or closing the fridge properly, sits pretty low down on the "things of importance" scale.

Recently, whenever I see a light left on in some unused part of the house, I’ve been yelling out: "There’s a dead dolphin in the room here!". 

My rationale for this is that, overuse of resources places unnecessary demands on our environment and in resulting effort to locate and mine further energy sources we risk displacing and potentially wiping out many different species of plants and animals – and so I’m using the dolphin as a representative of that group.

It seems to be working because the guys relate very well to hearing this and immediately race to where the problem is, and they rectify it.

Starting this week, we have introduced a fine (as in penalty) system for ‘breaches’.  Each day, if a person leaves a light on in the house, they will be fined 10 cents (this is to a maximum of 1 fine per day at this stage).  The money from the fines goes into a "Dolphin Fund Jar" and we will decide how to disburse these funds after some period of time.


~ by D on February 25, 2008.

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