Can the last one out please turn off the lights?

Maybe it was the the announcement of the Worldwide Telescope that sparked my interest, but regardless of that, while Scoble was crying, I was thinking of things closer to home.  Much closer to home in fact.


The Scenario

As a parent of two young, growing boys, it seems that I’m constantly faced with environmental waste.  Waste that often goes unnoticed; waste that nobody tends to see.  The type of waste that I’m talking about here is power.

How often do you look around you and see the lights left on, or the fridge left ajar, or a fan spinning needlessly?  All too often I’ll bet.

Recently at home we’ve set about changing these behaviours by implementing what we call The Dolphin Jar. 🙂

The Dolphin Jar

From now on in our house, whenever there is a breach of one of the above eco-offenses, the offender has to place 10c in The Dolphin Jar (we actually limit it to a maximum of 10c per day per person).  An abbreviated version of: The Long Tail of Saving the Planet!  You see, there’s no way that Charlie or Harry could possibly save the planet on their own… but every little 10c soon adds up.


Our Focus

Sure we can go to Mars and beyond – that’s just the fun part, but how about we focus on some local issues too, and save the dolphins of this world before they go the way of the dinosaurs!



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~ by D on February 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “Can the last one out please turn off the lights?”

  1. the thing we are combatting now in Australia is the growing realisation that no matter what we do to save one dolphins – the Chinese are killing 400 of them a minute (not literally of course …. that would be the Japanese with the Whales). 

  2. An interesting approach Darren… I like it.
    I have a suggestion, but preface it by saying I am not a parent (and thus don\’t understand any child\’s mind – except my own of course 🙂
    However, what if instead of penalising bad/negligent/offender behaviour, you rewarded good/concious/proactive behaviour. I\’m not sure of the best way to implement the system, but it may be something like doing a daily audit and for every day with no eco-offenses you donated 20c to the Dolphin Jar. And as further incentive, if you had a whole week of good behaviour you might add a bonus 20c to the Jar.
    You may even find they look out for each other in order to ensure the daily audit passed.

  3. Oooh, thanks Craig… I like that idea! 🙂

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