GenY and the new avenues to market

As many of my work colleagues are undoubtedly aware, Darren is being all too ‘non-subtle’ again this week with his approach to sending out information.  They will have noticed an increasing volume of information based on links to popular, online community sites – such as Twitter, Facebook, and, to a lesser extent, LinkedIn. The reason for all this is that I wanted to alert people to a disruptive trend that I’m increasingly being made aware of, and that is the rise-and-rise of online communities.

This rise of Social Applications software was talked about recently on the AppGap (an Enterprise 2.0 advocate) in their article titled It Takes A Long Time For Change To Happen Quickly and I believe that this time has now come.

As leaders in this space, I would behove us to take a good hard look at what’s happening in this space and attempt to identify new opportunities and also to evaluate the risks.

The days of building fences and counting your sheep are a thing of the past, both for us but also for our customers too.


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~ by D on February 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “GenY and the new avenues to market”

  1. Have you seen the new(?) thingo that Google are starting –

  2. Nice! Thanks 🙂

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