A Weekend Read – 3

"A Weekend Read" is my weekly link list of interesting blog articles that I’ve seen throughout the week.  To learn more about the "A Weekend Read" series, take a read of this post.  OK, onto this week:



The Art of Technical Interviewing – Mitch gives some tips about what to look for.

A New Blog Dedicated to Young Professionals – Newly Corporate – a blog aimed at young professionals.

Newly Corporate Events for Young Professionals – find out what’s happening in your town. 

How Do You Find Your Next Job? – The talent market is opening right up.

Leadership: Social Intelligence is Essential – anything from Goleman is a ‘must read’.  Take note of the fact that he also has a podcast which is accessible via that page.

A digital generation? – provides some raw data about Internet use and attempts to debunk some theories.  My comment: If you want to know how GenY uses technology… catch a bus or train at 3:30PM in the afternoon!

No Off Switch for Leaders – some important tips about restraint – an important factor Emotional Intelligence which tends to get overlooked by the other EI factors.


Knowledge Management

Google Sites hardly a SharePoint killer — but that’s not the point – There’s been a lot written about Google Sites this week, but this article is a nice ‘heads-up’.

Idea Tsunami – talks about harvesting knowledge from information sources – this is kinda where my head is at right now too.

5 Keys to Improving Your Reading Speed – this follows on from some of the reading speed stuff that I’ve posted about recently.

Innovation Lifecycle – if innovation is your thing, then you really need to subscribe to this blog!

Your Brain Is In 10 Kinds of Trouble – a thoughtful post from Leon Bambrick.


Healthy Wealthy and Wise

Healthier, Tastier Way to Start Your Day – forget the coffee… add freshly squeezed juice to your morning ritual.



What music do you code to? – I’m becoming increasingly aware of the important role that music can play in relaxing and stimulating us, so posts such as this one are really beginning to interest me.

First Look at Using Expression Blend with Silverlight 2 – Another gem from ScottGu, this time he teaches us how to climb aboard the Silverlight 2.0 train.

World Wide Telescope – Scoble cried, I nearly did too when I started learning about this new technology from Microsoft.  To learn more about it, watch this TED video.

Design for Operations and the Management Model Designer (TSMMD) – This awesome wrap-up from Grant is a must read for any Development or IT Manger.

Lego Universe – Not sure about this one; you tell me.

My Media Centre Story – this one is really a "note to self"; I need to set this stuff up in our house and I suspect that this will come in very handy.

Amazon Kindle – Scott Hanselman posts the Good, Bad, and Ugly of Amazon’s Kindle reader device.  I’d like one of these but I’m not sure that it is ready for the Australian market yet.



Awesome Storm Clouds in Canberra – this post from Grant links off to some awesome Flickr shots of a massive storm front that swept through Canberra during the week.

2008 MVP Global Summit 14-17 April – Seattle – another one from Grant which describes how he plans to spend his time in Seattle for the MVP Summit.  I love the titles that Grant chooses for his posts 🙂

Fuck Grapefruit – Yeah!


~ by D on March 2, 2008.

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