A Weekend Read – 4

"A Weekend Read" is my weekly link list of interesting blog articles that I’ve seen throughout the week.  To learn more about the "A Weekend Read" series, take a read of this post.  OK, onto this week:



If You’re Hiring, Answer These Questions First – I think that the title of this post is wrong, but… a great list of questions to ask a prospective employer.


Knowledge Management

UN Data: the Ultimate Research Tool – interesting resource for getting facts about a whole raft of statistics and facts.

Another Early (Not-So) Weak Signal That Work Structures Are Likely To Change Drastically – worth reading but not definitive by any means.

The Coming Death of Paper as an Information Storage Medium – about time!

SQL Server Data Services in Cloud for the WideOpen Web – Greg blogs about SQL Server Data Services in the Cloud.  More info here too.

Do you have authoritative knowledge? Really? – interesting thoughts about ‘authoritative knowledge’.

The “Average” Knowledge Worker Today Faces Lots More Change – interesting thoughts here with some major implications for managers and leaders of tomorrow.


Healthy Wealthy and Wise

Re-localization Opportunities – Local 2.0 – A whole bunch of commentary about work from home, looking at the effect on local communities.  I’m loving spending more time in my local community – especially getting to meet the mum’s and dad’s at the schools of my children.

Fire the workaholics – It’s not all about work; we all need balance to keep us interesting.

Do I delay – a nice post by Parso about a little known feature in Outlook which can help reduce the escalation of night time work.  This should be used in addition to the  Virtual Worker Manifesto.

Joy in Work – Nice post.



Office 2007 interface prototypes – A post about the origins of the new Office Ribbon interface.  In the comments there are also links to the actual presentation.

The Ultimate Escape – I hate you MitchRoger Lawrence also blogged about this promotion here.

What Stanford Learned Building Facebook Apps – interesting read.

Hosted Services here we come – more hosted goodness from Grant.  I like the idea of these in helping to reduce the IT footprint on the business.



Top 10 songs chosen to orbit Earth – click through to see which songs were selected for astronauts on the international space station to listen to.

Report: 1998 Was Ten Fucking Years Ago – lovely 🙂

Numbers don’t add up for top-rating Hot Hot Sex YouTube clip – mystery surrounds the YouTube clip which has over 80 million views.

Gaming and the Workplace of the Future – thoughts?


~ by D on March 10, 2008.

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