A Weekend Read – 5

"A Weekend Read" is my weekly link list of interesting blog articles that I’ve seen throughout the week.  To learn more about the "A Weekend Read" series, take a read of this post.  OK, onto this week:



3 Ways to Make Your Résumé Sparkle – some more useful tips from the Newly Corporate crowd

Thoughts on Google’s 20% time – agreed.  It takes a lot more than a mandated day per week to add value

Results of the CCL Poll: Coaching – some data from a poll about mentoring


Knowledge Management

Re-localization Opportunities – Local 2.0 – an article about where we are at in regards to ‘working remotely’ and some of the trends/shifts that are going to make it increasingly possible.

Thought Leader – catchy title 🙂  A nice article about effective knowledge workers.

Myths of Innovation – an interesting sounding book

Integrating KM in Business Processes – a few thoughts about how to better integrate KM into the business processes of an organisation

social networking platforms will be "like air" – it will certainly be interesting to see where social networks are at in 5 years time. 

Enterprise Wikis Seen As a Way to End ‘Reply-All’ E-Mail Threads – interesting read


Healthy Wealthy and Wise

Paul Keedwell on the benefits of depression – wow!  an upside to depression? 🙂  Depression as the body’s regulation system

Balancing A Workaholic Schedule – nice post about how to lay out the time in a day with regards to getting work and everything else done

Irrational over-exuberance . . . of goal setting – don’t lose sight of prioritisation when setting goals



MIX Session Online – links to a bunch of online MIX videos; posted by Frank Arrigo

The Beast of Redmond is Roaring (& Thinking) Again – the Read/Write guys are bullish about MS.  I’d like to see that MS is ‘communicating’ again 🙂

ASP.NET MVC and IE8 WebActivities – Glav blogs about how he used some PD time at Readify to get across a few new web related things

Google Sky Released – this was blogged about by several people actually.



Watch the ball – one from my CEO (Graeme Strange) about getting the basics right.

Create an Excel Gantt Chart with Conditional Formatting – great tip from the Life Hackers 🙂

Twitter Map – this looks fun.  Not entirely valuable… but fun! 🙂

How useful is the Pareto Principle? – I haven’t read all of this yet, but it sounded interesting

This Week’s Links on Ma.gnolia – some nice links here, including one to a discussion from someone who actually attended TED2008


~ by D on March 16, 2008.

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