A Weekend Read – 6

"A Weekend Read" is my weekly link list of interesting blog articles that I’ve seen throughout the week.  To learn more about the "A Weekend Read" series, take a read of this post.  OK, onto this week:



Tips for being a successful student – a nice list of tips to remember.

Quick Tip: What To Do With Business Cards – great life hack from the corporate hack guys.

Knowledge Management

Five Methodologies to Deal with Email Overload – choose your weapon!

What’s the Main Cause of Your Overstuffed Inbox? – the life hackers have their say on the topic.

What’s all this about information overload? – read this article and the few pointers to other articles for a few insights into the topic of managing information overload.

Facebook Adds Privacy Controls – thanks goodness.  Now hopefully they can make it work effectively.  Read/Write Web wrote about this too.

Instapaper.com: The One-Click "Content Bank" I’ve Been Looking For – I’ve been using this.  Similar to del.icio.us.  I use it to quickly save a page rather than procrastinate over it.  It’s a file and forget site for me.

Googlizing Knowledge Management at IBM – I like the term ‘Googlization’ for this. 


Healthy Wealthy and Wise

Off topic… A little “Peanuts” wisdom – an absolute gem!

Changing Your Nature – this author chooses to call it "your nature".  Goleman would probably contend that our ‘nature’ is a function of our emotional intelligence and he told us long ago that it is not hardwired from a young age.

The perfect day – I love the idea of keeping a list of things that I’d do on my ‘perfect day’.  What would you do on yours?

Life Frame – this seemed very similar to my own post about leading a balanced life.

Is it time to retire retirement? – interesting.



In Leadership, Context Is Everything – if you like this sort of stuff, take a read of Mintzberg, H. (1994). Rounding out the Manager’s Job. Sloan Management Review , 11-26.

Five Tips From Atsutoshi Nishida on Overcoming a Crisis – 5 good tips from the CEO of Toshiba; the guy who recently pulled the pin on Toshiba’s HD DVD business.

Miles’ Law and Six Other Maxims of Management – Maxim #6 was of particular interest.

Where Will Management Innovation Take Us? – if this interests you then you might also like to read about the following topics: Knowledge Era (Drucker), Organisational Learning (Senge), and Issue Leadership (Kibok Baik).

The Lack of Connection Burns Us Out – if you’re interested in this topic then you might like to read the seminal work on this topic which is: Hallowell, E. (1999, Jan-Feb). The human moment at work. Harvard Business Review .



Programmers at work – what a great blog.  Susan Lammers, author of Programmers at Work has started uploading her interviews.  I read each of the 3 that she currently has up there – Charles Simonyi, John Warnock, and Butler Lampson

Interview with Mike Shaver – Chief Evangelist – Mozilla – great interview.  Lot’s of insights and tips into what it takes to run a successful open source operation.

Microsoft’s Office Transformation – will MS-Office become the host for enterprise mash-ups?

iPaper: Simply The Best Document Viewing Experience On The Web – seems nice?

Martian Headsets – thoughtful article by Joel about IE8.  I actually suggested during the week that MS should drop IE and bundle FF.



Dopplr Subscribes to Your Personal Calendar – link your Google calendar to your Dopplr trips.

2008 Internet Advertising Competition Awards: And The Winners Are… – the subject of internet advertising came up in a few different contexts this week.  Here’s some of the better ones.

Unzip American Sexuality and What Do You Find? Tech – an erotic insight into modern American sexuality.

GALLUP POLL: Americans See China as Economic Leader – another interesting insight into the mind of the modern American.

Amazing NASA pics – I’ve been getting into NASA pictures a lot lately (mostly via the DIGG/SPACE feed) but these ones were great.  Another awesome picture from space that I saw during the week was this one of a sunset on Mars (currently using it as my desktop image).

What You Don’t Know About Living in Space – quite a humorous glimpse into the life of an astronaut.

An appreciation of Arthur C. Clarke – I can’t claim to have been a religious follower of his, but I appreciate who he was and the contribution that he made.  Certainly will be remembered in history’s book.

Find Books You’ll Love at BookLamp – interesting.

Perth man auctions ‘life’ on eBay – uhmm, yeah.  Whatever dude!

TUTT 53: The Dingleberry Peninsula – Ben and Josiah are back with another great episode.


~ by D on March 22, 2008.

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