How I discover new blogs to read

A few weeks ago I blogged that I was increasing the number of blogs that I subscribe to quite significantly.  This has continued to the point where I’m currently subscribed to around 260 blogs.  The primary way that I’m finding new blogs is through the Google Reader Discover feature:


There’s a description online about how the Discover feature works, but essentially it takes a combination of the things that it knows about you, such as:

  • Which blogs you are currently subscribed to
  • Your Web History
  • Your location

And uses that information to produce a list of blogs that you might be interested in reading.  Currently I’m discovering about a dozen or more new blogs to subscribe to via this method each week.

Other things that I’m doing more regularly these days to make sense of my blog reading are:

  • Starring and Sharing any post that I read which I like.  This helps me make better sense of my reading ‘Trends’ and gives me a bit of a feel for signal to noise.
  • Re-categorizing blogs to reflect my interests.  This also helps me to visualize whether or not my subscriptions accurately represent my interests at the time.  For example, if I want to become more creative, then I should have a few blogs that are in my ‘Creative’ category.  Some of the categories that I’m growing at the moment are: Health, Creativity, Style, Knowledge, and Leadership.

Finally, the Discover feature also provides you with a way to discover new blogs that are not derived from your current profile:


This is a good way to start your scanning activity in a new area.  For example, I’m a very linear, planning type of thinker and so most of the auto-generated recommendations for me tend to reflect that.  I personally don’t think that it’s healthy to constantly head further and further down that path and so I recently used the Search and Browse feature by typing the words ‘Creative Thinking’, ‘Color’, and ‘Photos’ in so that I could find some more creative content for my day.  Of course, as soon as you subscribe to a few of these, the Discover feature alters itself to reflect the changes in your profile.  A nice way to help shape the information that affects your day.


~ by D on March 23, 2008.

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