A Weekend Read – 7

"A Weekend Read" is my weekly link list of interesting blog articles that I’ve seen throughout the week.  To learn more about the "A Weekend Read" series, take a read of this post.  OK, onto this week:



GenX and the real talent crunch – a leadership role for GenX?


Knowledge Management

The Two Dimensions Of Collective Intelligence – the role of BI on the web.

Bringing the value of social networking to SharePoint – this sounds interesting from Telligent.  Lots of features that I like the sound of here.  Out of the box, SharePoint falls a long way short on the social side.  Better forums, blogs, and ‘social streams’ would add a lot of value here.

SharePoint Has Become the New Lotus Notes: CMS Watch Cites Collaboration Pros, Proliferation Cons – thoughtful article about pro’s and con’s of SharePoint.  Contains a link to a 190 page paper about SharePoint.

Rethinking social networks (II): the community core – thoughtful post about social networks.

Knowledge management for small groups – interesting.  I can imagine having a household knowledge management solution.  I can relate to the calendar issue to.  Syncing my work calendar with the household calendar is a PITA.

Twitter ‘Flow’ – Day 4 – Application Ideas and Metrics – interesting posts to follow from Sol Young who is blogging about his experience of dealing with thousands of Twitter friends.  Some metrics included.

Predictions for the future of collaborative working from IBM – Great read.  Some terrific quotes in the source article.


Healthy Wealthy and Wise

Maximizing Your Time: Learn To Say NO! – nice tips.

When Emotional Intelligence Does Not Matter More Than IQ – A true gem from Goleman (guru of EI theory)

Cleaning up my online life – I regularly do a bit of an online cleanup.  The Internet is a huge distraction – regular pruning can only be a good thing.



Discipline Secrets – 11 tricks for Self Discipline – motivation is the killer when it comes to productivity.  So often is just takes the motivation to get started each day.



Why Do 9 Out of 10 Consumers Abandon Transactions? – Some interesting things to think about when building a web application.

Advice from Australian Government — use IA – Checklists of things to think about when building a web application.

Selling Software – Great read.  This part resonated with me: "this was something that any good programmer had to get out of his system"

Exploring the Duality between Product and Organizational Architectures: A Test of the Mirroring Hypothesis – I’ve only part read this (long) paper.  Interesting topic though and it has an executive summary to skim.



Do Bar Tricks – these I will try 🙂

Editor’s Picks for the Wired.com Self-Portrait Contest – some amazing photos here.  More great pics in the set of winners that were decided by the public too.

The 37th Button On Your Remote Control – Great title for a blog post 🙂  A reminder about simplicity and users.

Similarities between Windows 2008 Server and Red Planet (AMEE) – Another post from Sol Young.  I liked this one because it had a link to a video of the robot that was shown at the recent Windows 2008 Server roadshow by Microsoft.

Tap, tap, is this thing on? – Co-worker Mitch has been lucky enough to get a new mobile device and a week in a house with 5 other geeks to do stuff with it.  The whole promotion is based on enabling the remote worker scenario so I’ll be watching with interest!


~ by D on March 30, 2008.

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