Professional Development – How would your spend your 23 gold coins?

Part of my job at Readify is to help grow a healthy professional development (PD) program.  Our PD program offers staff up to 23 days of time per year to develop their skills and interests. 

One of the first things that I do with people who are new to Readify is to spend time with them creating a ‘plan’ for how they would like to spend those 23 days.  The way that we go about this is to think about what goals they are interested in professionally and then we have a discussion about what a plan might look like based on a gap analysis against where they are at today.

The intent here is that, at the end of this process, we should have a list of goals and actions with a rough weighting of how many of those 23 days would be applied to the pursuit of each goal.

When I talk about using those 23 days I refer to them as gold coins.  And I ask the consultant to (conceptually) place a stack of gold coins against each goal.  The reason for doing this is so that, by ascribing value to each goal, I can get a much better feel for what people are interested in.  I ask the employee to enter the number of days that they put against each goal – this is just done as a remark in the comments.


~ by D on March 30, 2008.

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