A Weekend Read – 8

"A Weekend Read" is my weekly link list of interesting blog articles that I’ve seen throughout the week.  To learn more about the "A Weekend Read" series, take a read of this post.  OK, onto this week:



What Did EMI Have to Do to Get Douglas Merrill to Leave Google? – one of the leading stories from the Internet this week in relation to talent.

The First Step To Starting a Blog: Ask Yourself If You Actually Want One – a good checklist for determining whether you actually even need to start a blog.


Knowledge Management

Analysis Of Social Networks: Telling Old Stories In New Ways – this is a terrific resource as it presents a roundup of the history of the theory of social networks.

Loomia: See What Your Facebook Friends Are Reading – a Facebook-based social recommendation engine.

We’re Living Web 2.0; Why Aren’t We Using Browser 2.0? – I agree that there’s a long way forward with browser innovation now.  I’m not sure that IE8 is a big step forward though.

Microsoft Continues To Fill SharePoint Social Gaps – I agree.  Partners to the rescue for SharePoint!


Healthy Wealthy and Wise

Lessons from 4 independent years – Some great advice from Scott Berkun.

boss secretly meeting about me – I spoke about this as an awareness thing at a recent management meeting.  In these days of shared corporate calendars and increased use of calendar appointments for meetings, it pays to keep this stuff ‘top of mind’.



What Are Your Sure Bets For The Future? – The upshot here is that the current future trends are: globalization, digitization, and decarbonization.

Innovation: It Isn’t A One Way Street – innovation is a result of customer demand.

Trusting people more is the simplest way to cut your workload and stress – one of the many things that I regularly fail at when it comes to leadership.

CIOs Increasingly Seek New Jobs with Small Companies – interesting.  Some market and strategic related stuff here and in the comments.



That ain’t a database, it’s a spreadsheet! – I actually commented against certain aspects of this post because as an early knowledge worker, I used tools such as Excel to great effect.  Somewhere in the mid-90’s, programmers and program managers got in the way and broke a whole lot of stuff.  I’m not saying that Enterprise databases are always bad though.

Updating Stock Quotes – …and while on the topic of Excel, this blog post shows some powerful features in Excel for working with data on the web.

Statistics and Business Data: Detecting Unexpected Values – …and staying with Excel, a good example of the BI power that we can get from using knowledge worker tools such as Excel.

Interview on MIX Online – interview with Greg Linden.  I loved the discussion about MapReduce.

Game Programming with Silverlight 2 – I didn’t follow the link to look at what was there, but it sounds interesting enough.



IdentiFight Displays Details Associated with Your Email Address – interesting.

GraphJam brings the LOL to graphs – this is the humorous link of the week; very funny.

Tron’s Classic Light Cycle Scene ‘Sweded’ – this is an awesome 2 minute video.  Enjoy!

Visual Thinking Matters – a book about visual thinking titled The back of the Napkin.  Sounds interesting.  Was ranked #190 on Amazon when I just checked it out.


~ by D on April 6, 2008.

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