The ‘alpha crowd’ have started calling the death of Twitter

It seems that many of the so-called ‘alpha users’ have started to turn their back on Twitter lately.  I’ve seen articles like this on ReadWriteWeb and also on other blogs too.  I think that the main source of angst is that sometimes Twitter tends to go down – and perhaps finally that they suffered a DB crash.

I find comments such as this one by ReadWriteWeb totally absurd:

Our beloved Twitter has been digging its own grave for several months now. Recently, the service has experienced an absurd amount of downtime. There have been numerous posts calling for Twitter to be replaced

These alpha freeloaders are calling for a free application to be replaced?  Who the f*ck do these people think they are?  If you are using Twitter so often that having it out of your life for a few minutes causes you to have a brain fart, then perhaps you need to either get a life, or do some work.  I agree with this comment from the Twitter ‘Man Down’ post:

Twitter is free – I miss it when it’s down but cut ’em some slack….

I believe that a lot of the call for change probably comes from the fact that these ‘alpha-types’ like to lead the way.  They felt like they led us to Twitter, told us that we need to use the service to follow 5000 others, and now they are bored and need to feel important all over again.

I like Twitter, I use it 20 or 30 times a week, and it’s fun.


~ by D on May 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “The ‘alpha crowd’ have started calling the death of Twitter”

  1. It is interesting to note the trend towards what some people believe is their justifiable right  to complain about. Now that "they" use it, it must be reliable, responsive and resilient. What is currently available for free is so often taken for granted nowadays. Its a sad indication of what people believe they have a right to, just because they breathe.  Perhaps they should go and use the competition… oh hang on , there is none… 🙂

  2. It certainly doesn\’t help widespread adoption of something as socially cool as Twitter when these guys have an ever-decreasing attention span. My mum only heard about Twitter at a seminar just last week and is interested. What\’s going to happen to her, and the other couple of dozen teachers who were there, when they sign up for Twitter only to find the alpha-pack move to something "better"? It certainly doesn\’t help their confidence levels in technology.
    We need to be supporting and encouraging those that aren\’t part of Gen-C, helping them get with the program, and not constantly leaving them behind just because something that\’s free and works well most of the time, doesn\’t work all of the time.

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