Are Robert Scoble and ReadWriteWeb just pimping their own book?

Yesterday I vented about the so-called ‘alpha users’ and how they have recently turned on Twitter.  You can read that post here:

The ‘alpha crowd’ have started calling the death of Twitter

Today I read 2 blog posts which have resonated with this theme.  First I read this post by Rob La Gesse:

Robert Scoble has a "Social Problem"

In that post, Rob shows that his thoughts are similar to my own on the subject. 

The lessons to be learned here are that you shouldn’t always blindly follow people who are paid to write about new technology when they talk about new technology.  Robert, ReadWriteWeb, and many others with them are ‘talking their own book’.  This would actually be illegal in financial circles!  And as many people have said before me: if you talk your own book for so long and for so often you’ll end up believing your own crap.

The next post that I read was from Scoble himself:

Should services charge “super users”?

I don’t think that it’s about super users at all really.  For me I actually just question the integrity of the opinions of these people.

In his article Scoble is clearly pimping FriendFeed these days, and much of his bias against Twitter is now showing up as a bias for FriendFeed.  In 6 months time who knows what he’ll be saying about either of these free tools. 

If Scoble truly did care about the ‘industry’ then it wouldn’t actually be a question of one implementation over another, and it certainly wouldn’t come down to an issue of whether 1 company was a tad faster. 

If Scoble really did care about the business uses of this software ("no business “utility” if I can’t make infinitely large friend lists and use those lists in the same way I use email) then surely he’d be less interested in massive numbers ("FriendFeed which lets 11,000 people interact with me in a public") (he passed the 20,000 mark on Twitter not long ago) and more focused on services?  But no.  For Scoble it is almost always about having the biggest numbers.

Technology and innovation bloggers such as Scoble and ReadWriteWeb seem to have too much of a vested interest in keeping things moving for the sake of drawing eyeball’s for me to really take what they say too seriously.


~ by D on May 26, 2008.

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