Testing the tech preview of WLW

I’ve just downloaded the latest version of Live Writer and the SDK for developing against it.

There’s a few changes to the UI of the new Writer application but by far my favourite is the tabbed interface for switching between views of your posts.


One of the things in the SDK which has generated some interest so far are the new events that you can hook when developing Plug-ins for Writer.  There’s an event that you can handle prior to publishing and one which fires post-publishing too.  This potentially opens up many scenarios for adding value to markup prior to posting and doing things after you’ve posted – such as notifying your social networks that you’ve posted.

In fact the SDK comes with a sample Plug-in called Twitter Notify which sends a tweet after you’ve posted alerting your Twitter friends of your new post.  In fact, I’ve just installed it prior to writing this post, so if it worked, then a tweet should be appearing on my Twitter account shortly


Update: Sweet, it worked 🙂

Twitter Post


~ by D on June 8, 2008.

5 Responses to “Testing the tech preview of WLW”

  1. ok – you sold me. Downloading…

  2. I just can\’t believe that it took a whole 4 minutes (from when I posted until you saw the post come through on Twitter) to sell you on it 🙂

  3. cool. Have you got a compiled version of the Twitter add-in Darren? Could you message me (on Spaces) if so?

  4. Hi Jamie, download the SDK, it contains a compiled version of the Twitter add-in:

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