Manage your Favorite’s online

image Over the years I’ve used many methods for managing my Favorite web sites on the Internet.  While each new method has provided it’s own set of features, each has fallen short of becoming my favorite Favorite method 🙂

Today I thought that I’d share how (and why) I’m currently using Windows Live Favorites to manage all of my Internet favorite sites.

Before we get into an explanation of Windows Live Favorites, let’s take a look at the trusty browser-managed favorite’s, and see where they fall short:


  • They are not automatically backed up.
    This often leads to losing favorite’s whenever you rebuild your computer or purchase a new one.
  • They are not synchronized across computers. 
    If I work from a different computer then I no longer have access to my favorite’s.
  • They are not centrally managed.
    Even though I can copy my favorite’s and manually share them around on all of my computer’s, if I make a change on one computer, this change is not replicated to all of my other computer’s.

Windows Live Favorites solves each of these issues by allowing me to manage your Favorites from a centrally hosted location online. 

Another reason that I love having my Favorites stored online is that it makes them so much easier to use in other ways – such as sharing them between my other web applications.  Here’s an image of my Favorites being displayed via a module on my Live Spaces portal:


Windows Live Favorites allows me to manage your Favorites both through the traditional ‘Folders’ paradigm or through the use of tagging.  Let’s take a peek at the following screencast to see how simple it is to use Windows Live Favorites:

So now the only thing that I need to remember to access my Favorites from wherever I am is:


Windows Live Tags: clubhouse, favorites, toolbar, story


~ by D on June 11, 2008.

8 Responses to “Manage your Favorite’s online”

  1. Thanks for this Darren. very useful.

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