How to delete spam from your Windows Live Spaces blog

One of the first questions that I had when I started using Windows Live Spaces last year was “How do I remove spam comments from my Live Spaces blog”?  It took me a while to work it out because the process for getting to the right screen to delete these comments is not necessarily that intuitive.  So here are the steps that you can go through if you need to delete comments from your Live space.

The Problem

When you browse to the home page of your Space, you are presented with several modules (web parts), one of which shows you a listing of the recent comments on your space.  We can see this module in the following image along with some comments which appear as though they might be spam.


As someone who likes to keep my blog free of spam, I’ve always been in the habit of removing the wretched stuff promptly – partly because I believe that spam has a habit of leading to more spam.  So let me take you through the steps that are required to remove just one of these spam comments from my Live Spaces blog.


The Solution

Step 1 – Identify the comment as spam

The first thing that I like to do is to click through to view the full comment, just to be sure that the comment is actually spam.  In the case of the comment below we can see that it clearly is spam.



Step 2 – Get the date of the blog entry

Now that we’ve identified the comment as spam, we need to get the date of the post so that we can locate it when we switch into Summary mode in just a moment.  For the post that we are concerned about here, we can see that the date is the 27 January.  


Step 3 – Switch the Blog View into Summary View Mode

In order to delete the spam comment from your blog you must switch into the Summary View mode which you can do from the navigation controls located on the left side of the page.  You can also select the month of the post that you are interested in to quickly navigate to the correct set of entries.


Step 4 – Select the spam comment to mark it for deletion

Once in Summary View mode you can scroll to the location of the post and then click on the Comments link to expand out a view of comments for that particular post.  Once you have the comments displayed, simply check on the checkbox to the left of the offending comment to mark it for deletion.


Step 5 – Delete the spam comment

Now that you have selected the comment for entry, scroll back to the top of the page and click the Delete selected items link to delete the comment.


You will be asked to confirm that you wish to delete the entries that are selected.


A Proposed Solution

Because most of the spam that I get is easily identified on the home page comments module, a feature that I’d love to see is the ability to delete comments directly from within that view.  The following image shows my proposed solution for doing that.


It would also be good if spam could also be removed directly from within the post as you were reading it as shown in the following image.



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~ by D on June 12, 2008.

12 Responses to “How to delete spam from your Windows Live Spaces blog”

  1. +1
    In fact,

  2. There are 2 other ways as well:
    If you click the Edit link at the top of a post (when viewing it on its dedicated page) you can then delete comments one at a time using the delete cross icon next to each one.
    The other way is via the mobile version of Live Spaces, which on the spaces summary screen does indeed have the Delete Comment link next to each comment.

  3. And since the spammers need to sign in with a Live ID why not also setup something where if three bloggers mark the same person as spam drop all their comments, or at least stop the spammer for commenting on your blog again.

  4. Thanks for the tip Damo.  I didn\’t know about that method.

  5. You read my mind Darren (check my latest blog post). I also want to be able to delete comments without there being a full postback (given that Spaces is very very slow these days)
    They need to make this easier. Way way easier.

  6. Great article! I too am a bit tired of all that nasty spam hitting my page every so often, and wish the Live Spaces team were a bit more responsive into fixing it.
    I didn\’t know about this before (I used to have to go into edit mode of every post and delete them one by one, ARGH!), and this will be really helpful the next time there\’s a spam bomb. Too bad there\’s nothing useful on the Space Craft blog.

  7. Ooh! I could definitely use this tip. Thanks Darren!

  8. Last days I receive a lot of spam 😦 All from wow gold :(I should be when we receive antispam from MS

  9. Thanks!! I also had a WoW gold spammer. And it\’s hilarious that this post also has a spam comment. ^_^

  10. Hey… Thanks! Same poster as your sample! Must be a \’bot

  11. Thank you for your posting. I hate spaming, just worried how to get rid of those spam post while i am searching internet. Thanks for this post.

  12. Nice post, Darren. It\’s interesting that with wave 3, this proposed feature is now a reality, and spam is just as annoying as ever (as evidenced by the 2 comments preceding mine). The advent of the "Recent Comments" view also helps me stay on top of managing spam comments, but we still need more control over who can post comments to our blogs in the first place, perferrably in the form of CAPTCHA/reCAPTCHA, comment moderation, and/or more granular permissions (e.g., only allow comments from people in my network/extended network).

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