Can you do 100 consecutive push-ups?

one hundred push ups

Recently I came across this site which claimed that it could help train me to do 100 consecutive pushups!  This sounded like an interesting enough challenge (for both the site’s claims as well as myself) so I decided to take it on.

The basis of the program is that each week you do 3 training sessions, 2 days apart.  I’m doing my training on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s.  And each day/week, the number of repetitions that you have to do, increases.  I’m in my second week and have done 5 sessions so far – you can see my progress against the program’s numbers in both of the following charts:



The good thing about this challenge is that it’s fun and very easy to find the 10 minutes that are required to do a session.  And hopefully at the end of it all, I’ll look and feel a little stronger too!


~ by D on August 30, 2008.

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